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AlumierMD Calm-R® Redness Relief Lotion

AlumierMD Calm-R® Redness Relief Lotion

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A lightweight hydrating serum that targets the look of redness-prone skin while providing long-term relief.

 Redness-Prone / Sensitive

Calm-R® is a soothing hydrating serum that targets visible redness and blemishes while maintaining skin’s delicate moisture balance. Piperonyl glucose and Poria Cocos Extract both function via different mechanisms to enhance effectiveness. Hinokitiol is a multifaceted active with calming and antioxidant properties. This formula has been improved to benefit even the most sensitive skin types.  

30 mL /1 fl oz e


Piperonyl Glucose: Produced by an enzymatic transfer reaction, piperonyl glucose

Poria Cocos Extract: This extract has soothing properties, making it an excellent ingredient for redness and blemish-prone skin. It is derived from the mushroom family and recognized as a widely-used herb in traditional Chinese medicinal formulations.

Hinokitiol (Beta-Thujaplicin): Extracted from the oils of the western red cedar tree, hinokitiol is a superpower ingredient with antioxidant and brightening properties. More than 100 scientific articles exist on the biological effects of hinokitiol.

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil Unsaponifiables: Sustainably-sourced concentrate of specialized molecules from linoleic sunflower oil that replenishes its natural lipid barrier.

Aloe: Extracted from the aloe vera plant, soothing aloe contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Directions: Twist pump left to open and right to close. Twice a day, after cleansing, smooth 1 – 2 pumps over face in an upward motion. Follow with an AlumierMD moisturizer at night and sunscreen during the day.

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